//Timing Belt Kits

CIC USA CORP offers only a Premium grade with OE’s fits with tensioner & idler pulleys design to provide the right amount of tension, not over not under. Our reinforced belts with high grade Rubber designed to heat resistance with several layers of strength to also reinforced the nylon jackets for a longer wear gives you the confident you are getting the best quality in the market.

// Timing Chain Kits

CIC USA CORP offers the most complete timing coverage in aftermarket kits where we meet or exceed the OEM standard quality. We work very hard every day to offer first quality over price and even create improvements to OE designs in order to offer the best reliable part at the best possible cost, we cover from Japanese, Korean, American & European applications up to the new growing Asia applications, we carry all about timing kits like timing gears, sprockets, chains, guides and tensioners and also the complete multi-components Timing Chain kits as customer’s needs

// Sprockets

CIC USA CORP also offers the timing sprockets, essential part of the timing components, our heat treated and proven quality gears doesn’t cut corners in quality delivering a very strong product to our customers in all the engines we work with.

// Cam Phasers

Now days, more and more engines are using Variable Valves Timing, hence, changing conventional Cam sprockets for the revolutionary VVT Sprockets, where we didn’t spend time to serve and offer our customer all they need in engine timing matters, so as the demand grows we are investing in new technologies and tooling to keep offering the latest models and new applications to the aftermarket faster than any other company.


CIC USA CORP is growing slow but strong the complement of our VVT sprockets which is our solenoids, in our team we respect and know the importance of electric parts and the quality that this requires special attention and productions controls as well as quality control after production and before shipments making sure that we fulfilled our zero tolerance and zero error margin for failure in our parts.

//Oil Pump

Leading the engineering, prototyping and performance, CIC USA CORP offers several styles of pumps and designs for standard flow and high volume flow to meet car’s needs for a global market, where we go from cast iron to aluminum pumps using only the best inner parts in the market.

// Chains

CIC USA CORP manages an extended list of applications for ENGINE, TRANSMISSION AND STRUT MOUNTS, for a better connection between the engine and the car frame. Our pieces, with guaranteed rubber, provide good flexibility, and with metal, which provides a strong hold between the  engine and  the car  frame, avoiding  any engine shaking.


Our serpentine belts are design to last as much as original equipment for a fraction of the cost, Our belts are heat and Oil resistance anti-static belts proudly design to make our brand stands in the market, we have different types of belts according to OEM designs